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Caernarfon & District Canine Society 24-02-2018

5th February

Samoyed Breeders & Owners League 24-02-2018

26th January enter online

London Provincial Collie Club sub group Open Show 25-02-2018

6th February

Northern Midland Bichon Frise Club Open Show 25-02-2018

3rd February

Boston Terrier Club 03-03-2018

7th February

Japanese Chin Club 03-03-2018

19th January
West of England Chow Chow Club AM 03-03-2018
Change of Date to 24th March
12th March
West of England Chow Chow Club PM 03-03-2018 (2)
Change of date to 24th March
12th March

Rhyl Canine Society 04-03-2018

12th February

Southern West Highland White Terrier Club 17-03-2018

17th February

Oswestry & District Kennel Association 18-03-2018

17th February

Pontypridd & District Canine Society 18-03-2018

19th February Enter Online

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales 18-03-2018

9th February

Llandudno Canine Society 24-03-2018

23rd February

Northern Samoyed Society 25-03-2018

5th March

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales 25-03-2018

5th march

Chow Chow Club of Wales 01-04-2018

11th March

The Collie Club of Wales 07-04-2018

5th March
Association of Bloodhound Breeders 08-04-18 14th March

The British Samoyed Club 07-04-2018

16th March
English Setter Society of Wales 08-04-2018 10th March

English Springer Spaniel Club 08-04-2018

10th March

Maltese Club 08-04-2018

18th March

Pontypool & district Canine Society 08-04-2018

12th March

Fox Terrier Club of Wales 14-04-2018

24th March

Keeshond Club 15-04-2018

19th March

The German Pinscher Club 21-04-2018

27th March

The Smooth Fox Terrier Association 21-04-2018

19th March

Wrexham & District Kennel Society 21-04-2018

31st March

English Setter Association 22-04-2018

26th March

The Hound Club Of Wales 22-04-2018

23rd March

Midland Counties Scottish Terrier & west Highland White Terrier Club 22-04-2018

24th March

The Collie Association 22-04-2018

26th March

Wales & West of England Pekingese Association 22-04-2018

2nd April

Anglesey Canine Society 05-05-2018

9th April

Central & Southern German Shorthaired Pointer Society 06-05-2018

3rd April

Isle of Man Canine Society 06-05-2018

24th March

Merseyside Toy Dog Club 06-05-2018

13th Apr Enter Online

South & West Wales Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 06-05-2018

17th April

The Boston Terrier Club 09-06-2018

9th May

The Field Spaniel Society 17-06-2018

14th May

Monmouthshire Show Society Ltd Dog Section 07-07-2018

29th May

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